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all red brick museum in mallory square key west

Sunsets: An Everyday Serendipity


Hotels near Mallory Square in Key West

In Key West, every day is don’t-worry-be-happy, and every sunset cause for applause. Join the daily party at Mallory Square, where street performers and buskers keep you entertained until the moment you’ve been waiting for: that sun-meets-horizon magical kiss. Just a short walk over to the waterfront from any of our Key West Hotels and you’ll find yourself in this lively square. Like Key West itself, golden hour at Mallory Square is equal parts mystical and carnival.

Things to Do in Mallory Square

Leading up to the daily sunset celebration, you can shop your way through Mallory Square, picking up souvenirs like natural sponges, Key West rum or Cuban cigars. Hungry? Head to local favorite take-out spot Cuban Coffee Queen for a Cuban Mix sandwich and mango iced tea. Don’t forget a café con leche, which literally translates to “coffee with milk,” but actually means “delicious cup of pure energy.”